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Welcome to Caribbean Soul Trekkers

What is a Caribbean Soul Trekker?  Anyone who seeks to enjoy a wholesome experience that includes embracing the local customs, community and similarities of culture and heritage. As many people know there is so much to learn and much information to be exchanged just by traveling and visiting the wealthy abundance of the Caribbean Islands.

So get your passport ready and join us in Experiencing the Caribbean One Trek At a Time!

Sincerely, Mango Eddie

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Blue Water Therapy Series Episode 1: Rose Island, Bahamas

June 13, 2016by Mango Eddie

Missing the blue water of the Bahamas!  Enjoy in 4K resolution.

DSC02091 copy

Sandy Toes, Bahamas

May 16, 2016by Mango Eddie

Planning on visiting Nassau, Bahamas any time soon? Then a day trip to Sandy Toes, Rose Island, Bahamas should be on your itinerary. Read why by


Jacqui O’s Beach House on the Beautiful Island of Antigua

May 16, 2016by Mango Eddie

During our sail in Antigua we went ashore to this fine establishment and had an awesome time. Click on the link to read about our experience! JACQUI


Trekking With The Dead Aboard a Ship Headed to the Bahamas!

January 30, 2016by Mango Eddie

Check out our latest trek to Grand Bahama Island aboard the zombie-infested Walker Stalker Cruise (Click on the image below)

Blue Water's ladies enjoying an entry at the Cocktail Wars

The Caribbean Rum and Beer Festival: Sips, Smiles and Soca in St.

November 27, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Caribbean Soul Trekkers really love to 'get it in' at Caribbean festivals. This year, we jumped in da' line at

CuisinArt Resort from beach

Anguilla’s CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa: Just Right for

October 26, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

To celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary, we returned to St. Maarten then concluded our trip on Anguilla, an island guaranteed to deliver just

Capturing the vibrant beauty of Bahamas Carnival 2015

Catching Road Fever with the Bahamas Masqueraders

July 26, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

Read about the awesome time we spent with the Bahamas Masqueraders here: https://slate.adobe.com/a/rlPRk?v=12  


Topper’s Rhum St. Maarten: Gearing Up to Offer Sun and Fun With

May 24, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

Caribbean Soul Trekkers with Topper and Melanie Daboul A few month's back, sunset dinner at St. Maarten's Topper's by the Sea led to a chance


Festival Rum Bahamas 2015

March 10, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

 For the second year in a row, Nassau's Festival Rum Bahamas raised the bar for Caribbean rum festivals. So much more than a rum tasting

Our favorite pirates from Festival Rum Bahamas 2015

We’re Back From Festival Rum Bahamas 2015!

March 03, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

We're still reeling from Nassau's second annual Festival Rum Bahamas - a unique and dynamic display of Bahamian history, music, food and, of

The view of White Bay, Jost van Dyke, BVI

Trek Stop: One Love Bar and Grill in Jost Van Dyke – Feel the

February 14, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

Though I'll be spending this Valentine's Day in the frigid northeast, I'll be dreaming of a romantic holiday in the Caribbean. In my reverie,

Carnival at Festival Rum Bahamas

A Look Back at Festival Rum Bahamas After Dark

January 22, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

  As the sun set over Nassau, a loud BOOM  from a cannon followed by the distinct sound of a vibrant Bahamian marching band set the


Topper’s Gourmet Rhum: Hand Made In St. Maarten

January 21, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

Caribbean Soul Trekkers is excited to spread the word about a unique Caribbean rhum brand already making waves in St. Maarten and South Carolina

Renee and Kevin Reinl, Limin's owners

Caribbean Shopping Spree: Shop Anguilla’s Limin’ for

January 18, 2015by Passionfruit Sista

Limin' Boutique's cheery owners showcasing Dune jewelry made from the sand of Anguilla beaches While beach-hopping through Anguilla we happened


We’re Hooked on Bareboat Sailing the BVI and Think You Should

January 05, 2015by Mango Eddie

Sunset in the BVI About a year ago, some travel blogging friends invited us to join their flotilla of three catamarans on a bareboat sailing


Trek Stop: Foxy’s Taboo in Jost Van Dyke – We Forbid You

January 05, 2015by Mango Eddie

Foxy's Taboo after dark Foxy's Taboo in Jost Van Dyke is an offshoot of the wildly popular Foxy's Bar and Restaurant and the obvious lunchtime


Trek Stop: The Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Restaurant in Anegada, BVI

January 05, 2015by Mango Eddie

This secluded beach at Loblolly Bay is just steps from The Big Bamboo Beach Bar and Restaurant Set on an isolated beach in picturesque Loblolly

Garvey's Sunshine Shack Anguilla

Trek Stop: Garvey’s Sunshine Shack in Anguilla – Soak in

December 03, 2014by Passionfruit Sista

It's no surprise that Mango Eddie and Garvey quickly hit it off. Here they are enjoying a welcome high proof rum. In a clearing on Anguilla's


Trek Stop: The West Deck, Aruba – Serving a Rainbow of

June 30, 2014by Passionfruit Sista

Aruba's thriving restaurant scene is made up of long-time favorites and fresh-faced newcomers. During our recent trip, we had a chance to review


Rainy Day in St Thomas? Go Shopping and Bar Hopping in Charlotte

January 05, 2014by Mango Eddie

Caribbeans often call rain "liquid sunshine" and never let it ruin a good day. So, when rain was in the forecast for one of our four precious days in


Trek Stop: Review of Gladys’ Cafe St. Thomas

February 08, 2013by Mango Eddie

Though we hadn't yet read the glowing reviews in the New York Times or Trip Advisor, we did rely on customer reviews of some sort when choosing

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We have been enamored with the Caribbean since our first trip together in 2007. If you asked us to tell you the one thing we love most, we wouldn’t be able to give you an honest answer. That’s because it’s not one thing – it’s EVERYTHING. It’s the sum total of the hospitable people, the rich history, the savory foods, the soul-stirring music, the diverse activities, the shopping and the beaches – glorious beaches where you can spend the day doing everything or nothing at all.

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