Post Caribbean Trip Disorder (PCTD)

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PCTD– is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a fun filled Caribbean trip. Symptoms may include flashbacks, desire to drink rum and severe anxiety, as well as constant thoughts about which island to visit next.

Many people who experience these type of events have difficulty adjusting to their normal routine after returning from the Caribbean (like me).  But with rum, videos, pictures and jerk chicken from a local Caribbean restaurant, such  reactions usually get better with time.  In some cases, though, the symptoms can get worse or last for months if a trip is not planned immediately upon returning from your most recent trip.

Yes I totally made that up just to share the blah moment I am having today. The flashbacks are the worst though!  All the longing for the beach and the sun definitely has me in a blue funk.  What do you do to adjust back to life not in the Caribbean?  Please share our thoughts because I can sure use some advice! [email protected]

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