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A day trip to St. John is merely a hop, skip and a 20 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas. So why not make it a two for one vacation during your visit to St. Thomas? Once there, you can join an organized tour, but it’s easy and potentially more rewarding to chart your own trek through this un-spoilled, verdant island like we did. Who knows where the day may take you? St. John is an island about the size of Manhattan and offers pristine Caribbean beaches, the largest protected park in the Caribbean, historic sites and an assortment of rustic beach bars. Simply follow the main road along the coastline or cut through the island’s interior by way of the national park and stop whenever something catches your eye.

For our unchartered trek, we focused on scenic shots and refreshment stops.

Slicing up healthy slices of banana bread at Lattes in ParadiseI heart Lattes in Paradise

Before embarking on our day trip to St. John, we fueled up at Red Hook’s Lattes in Paradise. This open air cafĂ© is conveniently located a short walk from the ferry port and serves breakfast sandwiches, pastries and lattes embellished with artistic flair.

We heart them!

Red Hook Harbor in the early morning

Along with our breakfast we were treated to a view of the sun rising over the adjacent yacht harbor.

On the ferry

Then we continued to the lively ferry port. Adult fare is $6 each way.

Leaving the St. Thomas Ferry Port

In my humble opinion, prime seating is on the top deck where you can snap pictures like this without obstruction.

Arriving at Cruz Bay

In less than thirty minutes we reached beautiful Cruz Bay.

Welcome to St John

Where we immediately felt welcomed.

Plotting our course

We dashed past the quaint shops and eateries in Franklin Powell Sr. Park (we’ll be back soon) to pick up our rental car and plot our course for the day.

Church in St John

And then we set off on our adventure through St. John.


Our first stop, Chateaux Bordeaux, was not yet open for business…


…but still treated us to these lovely seascapes.



Don't disturb the natural wildlfe

Even while surrounded by all this beauty, Mango Eddie could not resist a mischievous prank. Here he is pretending to disturb…

Termite's Nest

…a nest of termites!


We continued along the breathtaking countryside…



A beach in the National ParkA beach in the National Park

A detour through the National Park led to this secluded beach.

St. John Wildlife Handful of Seashells

Where an assortment of sea fans, sea sponges and seashells had washed up on the shore.

Concordia Eco Resort

After a morning of sightseeing, we made our first stop at the Concordia Eco Resort


…where the sheer beauty of everything St. John…


…continued to amaze us…

Rum punch at Cafe ConcordaRum punch at Cafe Concordia

…and the rum punch was delightful.

Mango Eddie

Mango Eddie sure thought so!


After a relaxing hour of gazing upon the sweeping ocean vistas…

The Tourist Trap

…we continued to our second stop, The Tourist Trap…


…for more light-hearted fun…


…and rum drinks of course!


It’s a casual place…

Cat at the Tourist TrapLocal wisdom

…perfect for pulling up a chair to relax while gaining some local wisdom.

(Caribbean Soul Trekkers urges you to drink responsibly!)


Oh, and in case you were wondering, there’s a view from there as well.

Skinny Legs St. John

Famished, we continued on to our penultimate stop, Skinny Legs Bar and Grill.

Skinny LegsSkinny Legs

It’s “a pretty ok place” in Coral Bay…


…where the refreshments put smiles on our faces…

Cheese burgers at Skinny Legs

…and the burgers were ridiculously delicious…

Hot Sauce

…especially with their 151 Hot Sauce. They must have known Mango Eddie was coming.

Then before we knew it, our trip was over.

Bomes Rum

But not before a quick stop at Bones Rum Shop

Pour your own rum

…where the management allows you to pour your own rum to ease the sorrows of leaving this magnificent island.


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