Trek Stop: Review of Coco Blue Restaurant St. Thomas

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For an unforgettable meal in a modern and upbeat atmosphere, run, do not walk, to Coco Blue Restaurant in St. Thomas’ Red Hook neighborhood. Though we had strongly considered its sister restaurant Havana Blue, our casual group chose this place for its more laid back vibe. More laid back yes, but still with excellent service, attentive servers and amazing food that continued to get better with every course.

Upon stepping into Coco Blue, we were captivated by its clean, modern style. The glistening bar glowed under funky lights. A cluster of flat screen televisions played images of St. Thomas beaches and waves lapping onto the shores. Mango Eddie and I winked at each other as the sound system played many songs from our house/lounge music playlist back home. We soon noticed that everyone from the group was nodding to the music. We were quickly greeted by our server who was upbeat, friendly and well-versed in the restaurant’s meals and most popular dishes. Simply put, this was our kind of place.

And then came the food.

For starters, our group chose the popular Red Hook Sushi, Volcano Shrimp and Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps. After our first bites, we knew we were in for an evening of spectacular food. Snappin’ Whole Snapper, Key Lime Sea Bass, Coco-Panko Chicken and Lobster Lovengo all received rave reviews from our group and seriously made us consider waiting around until we got hungry enough to order some more. When it came time for dessert, all but one from our group were too stuffed to commit to an order. But once the scent from the fresh baked individual sized pineapple upside down cake wafted across the table, we all found room for just one more bite. Soooo good!


Our group in front of the modern bar at Coco Blu

Ladies from our group posing in front of the cool modern bar.

Coco Blue

Mango Eddie showing his excitement as he crossed the threshold into food paradise!

Coco Blue

The venue featured a captivating and unique piece of art – a video of a St. Thomas beach with waves crashing onto the shore on four flat screens.

The unique sinks at Coco Blure

One-of-a-kind sink in the unisex bathroom.

Rum Cocktails at Coco Blue

For cocktails, we chose Tropic Passion, a Cruzan Rum 151 shot and the Havana Blueberi Mojito.

The fellas at Coco Blue

The fellas: Mango Eddie, Big Kahuna, Rumshop Ryan and Mambo Mike

Red Hook Sushi at Coco Blue

Red Hook Sushi is one of the most popular appetizers at Coco Blue for a good reason.

Snapper entree at Coco Blue

The Snappin’ Whole Snapper entrée tasted as good as it looked.

Lobster entree at Coco Blue

Mouth-watering Lobster Lovengo entrée with a surprising (and delicious) twist – fried spinach topping.

Pineapple upside down cake from Coco Blue

Save room for this irresistible pineapple upside down cake if you can!


If you’re in the mood to dance after dinner, there are several bars in the neighborhood including the popular Duffy’s Love Shack (that’s where we chose to go). Enjoy!






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