Trek Stop: Eduardo’s Beach Shack in Aruba is Still Whipping Up Berry Tasty Things

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Review of Eduardo's Beach Shack, Aruba

Caribbean Soul Trekkers enjoying a scrumptious acai berry bowl at Eduardo’s Beach Shack in Aruba

Countless days of partying under the scorching Aruban sun (like we did at the Soul Beach Music Festival 2014 – read our post here) can take a toll on you. That’s why Eduardo’s Beach Shack is our go to spot! His smoothies, juice shots and other natural treats are not only cool and refreshing but also offer a bounty of nutrients to revitalize a weary body. A year ago we discovered this brightly colored shack behind Playa Linda Beach Resort just before wrapping up our Soul Beach 2013 adventure (for our Soul Beach 2013 post, click here and for our previous review of Eduardo’s Beach Shack, click here). This year, we made sure to stop by as early as possible. We were delighted to find the same array of mouth-watering smoothies, fresh fruits and wheatgrass shots alongside a few new additions including ginger juice shots, beet juice shots and acai berry bowls.

Review of Eduard's Beach Shack Aruba

 Eduardo with freshly prepared red beet and wheatgrass shots.

The health benefits of ginger and beet juices include: lowering blood pressure, improved digestive health and cancer-fighting properties. Beet juice also boosts stamina and can help to dissolve kidney stones while ginger juice can lower cholesterol, reduce congestion and reduce inflammation.

Review of Eduardo's Beach Shack, Aruba

Trying my first shot of ginger juice. It had quite a kick!

Eduardo’s new acai berry bowls taste too good to be so healthy. Blended into a pudding-like consistency and topped with granola, coconut, honey and your choice of fresh fruits, these bowls make it easy to eat your way to good health. Acai berries are touted as super foods for their intense health benefits. These include enhanced heart health and blood flow, assistance in weight loss, promotion of skin health and boosts in energy. In addition, acai berries are one of the highest sources of anti-oxidants.

Review of Eduardo's Beach Shack Aruba

Mouth-watering close up of acai berry bowls

The Caribbean Soul Trekkers can’t get enough of the wholesome treats at Eduardo’s Beach Shack in Aruba especially when we need a cool and refreshing way to detox before we retox. Give it a try when you’re in Aruba and make sure to tell Eduardo Caribbean Soul Trekkers sent you!

Review of Eduardo's Beach Shack, Aruba

Fore more info, check out Eduardo’s Beach Shack on Facebook.

Soul Trekkers, leave a comment telling us your favorite places to find healthy and delicious treats in the Caribbean.

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