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The Bose Soundlink II is the official portable speaker of Caribbean Soul Trekkers, hands down! There are plenty of reviews out there and I have to say, a lot of people LOVE it (but there are a very few who were not impressed). For someone like myself who travels to the Caribbean often, it is perfect! When I am laid back, coolin’ on the beach, the Bose Sound Link goes great with rum and sun! It goes great in the rental car as you zip around on whatever island you visit. We even paired it with our iPad and used the karaoke app to have our own spontaneous karaoke party with fellow travelers down in Aruba this past Thanksgiving!

Ok, so as for the basic specs, this portable Bose speaker is 5.1 by 9.6 by 1.9 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds so it fits right into my backpack and is not a huge burden when out and about. This Bose Sound does everything you need it to do, hands down. Very easy functionality, good battery life (bumpin beats on the beach 4-5 hrs straight), Aux input, and did I say portability? Some whiners product commenters (who claim to be audiophiles), want a special status display, speakerphone functionality, and USB (who needs all that on the beach). If that’s not you, then you are going to love this thing! This is a bluetooth speaker that will connect to any Bluetooth capable device (iPhone/iPad-Android phone/tablet, laptop).

As for sound…C’mon, it’s Bose! The bass rocks with no distortion and the sound is crisp. We found out it is the perfect player for a night time bonfire party on the beach! It is so easy to link in you and your friends can take turns as DJs with their bluetooth devices. Hella cool… Oh and by the way if you do have a night beach bonfire party in the Caribbean, send me an email at – I may be able to Join you! I will bring the rum!

The Bose Soundlink will set you back about $299 on Amazon. If you act quickly, Sam’s Club offers a special Bose Soundlink I travel kit that includes a car charger, for $279!

Don’t think about it, just go buy this thing right now! You won’t regret it!

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