Trekking in Anguilla: Day 2

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Day 2 (Sunday)

Saturday night’s frustrations with cabs certainly made us grateful that we had reserved a rental car. The week before our arrival, we emailed the staff at La Vue for their assistance in arranging one. A representative from Junnie’s Car Rental met us at the hotel with rental car, paperwork and manual credit card machine. Total cost for 6 days including two temporary licenses was $280.

Temporary driver’s license – good for three months

The rental car agent left us with a quick reminder to drive on the left and watch out for the right. We are 100% certain that someone in Anguilla is laughing at the prank pulled on the two American tourists at La Vue who were given the car with a steering wheel on the right side. After a sincere prayer for safety, we slowly started down the road. As we got more accustomed to the ride, we made a chant of “left is right, right is suicide”. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the Viceroy. Hubby got a big kiss when we finally pulled into the parking lot.

The Viceroy is gorgeous. If I had $1000 a night to drop, I would stay there and I would think ever penny was worth it. We were happy just to visit for a couple of hours. Breakfast is served in the Sunset Lounge – a modern, open air restaurant surrounded on three sides by breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean. Staff was pleasant and attentive but not intrusive. We immediately were offered coffee, water and what looked like fresh squeezed juice. Then, we were encouraged to dig into the buffet. We did! Made to order crepes, waffles and omelets were the stars. Tables of fresh fruits and pastries along with breakfast meats, pancakes and french toast were satisfying sides. I devoured a crepe with chocolate, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries along with a smoked salmon, feta, mushroom and peppers omelette. We then shared a second plate of fresh fruit, scones and banana bread. Everything was tasty but made even more so by the fabulous setting. The meal cost 71$ for two including the standard 15% service charge.

Breakfast at the Viceroy makes you feel like a movie star.

The dining room overlooks dazzling turquoise water

Another view of the ocean from beside the Sunset Lounge

We spent another hour wandering through the property, taking pictures and making a small purchase at the boutique.

Can you believe these are actually chairs?

Isn’t it great to gaze onto the ocean while sitting at the infinity pool?

More views of the water

View of the resort

Wanting to take full advantage of our first full day on the island, we followed Kirk’s recommendations and headed to Smokey’s at the Cove (take a right at the sign for Paradise Cove).

Follow this sign to good food and happy music

The restaurant is a sky blue structure sitting in the sand. In addition to the inside seating area, there is an outdoor terrace and more seating on the beach under a giant tarp. By the time we arrived, plenty of people were already enjoying the sun and good food. We were greeted by really friendly staff and told lunch would cover the cost of umbrella and chairs on beach. The beach chairs sold out quickly, but we were content to stay at our table on the terrace for the next 2 hours. While a R&B band played from 1-4 pm, we ate and drank some more (such pigs!). Fried fish fingers and candied yams were heavenly indulgences (we dreamt about them for the rest of the trip). Hubby splurged on a glass of 15 year Barbancourt ($25) and made a toast to my dad back at home.

The terrace overlooks the beach

The view from the terrace

The beach at Smokey’s

Fruity rum drink, Carib beer and Barbancourt rum

Crusted fish fingers and candied yams were soooooo good! Wish I had room for the chicken roti.

The band at Smokey’s

By 4 pm, we were ready for an afternoon siesta. The sun and food had really zapped our energy.

We made a quick stop at the Irie Life Store beside La Vue. It sells a variety of t-shirts (starting at about $30 US), hats, jewelry, bathing apparel and sun dresses as well as the most extensive collection of Bob Marley paraphernalia that I have seen in a long time. Hubby picked up a t-shirt. (Picture will be posted soon).

Back at La Vue, we really considered going out for the evening. Both Smokey’s and Da’vida featured musicians that night. But we chose to follow the theme of the trip and just relax. Dinner was grilled cheese sandwiches and tea.

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