Trekking in Anguilla: Day 3

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Day 3 (Monday)

By day three, we were torn between sleeping in late and jumping out of bed to catch as much of that glorious sun as possible. It dawned on us that it was snowing somewhere back home. The obvious decision was made and we were dressed by 7:15 am. After a quick breakfast of cereal, we bravely hopped in the car with map in hand. Our destination was Anguilla’s most popular beach, Shoal Bay (East). I’ll admit, there was just a bit of frustration as we tried to follow the map and the unmarked roads to our destination. But, at least driving on the left was starting to feel a little more natural. We reached Shoal Bay (East) about thirty minutes later.


Our beloved map of Anguilla

Our first jaunt to Shoal Bay was in 2008 while visiting St Martin. We took the ferry to Anguilla then hired a cab to take us to Shoal Bay. Once there, we rented beach chairs and an umbrella then relaxed for about two hours in the warm sun until it clouded up and began to rain non-stop. We made the best of it, grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to St Martin. Despite the unfavorable weather change, we could appreciate the beauty of the beach.

This time the sun was shining brightly and the turquoise sea sparkled like jewels. The beach chairs were already set up in the sand awaiting the crowd of beachcombers sure to come out on this fine day. We rented two chairs and one umbrella (total cost $10) and settled in for a relaxing afternoon in the sun. By noon, the beach had filled up as anticipated. We laughed as we repeatedly heard the woman from Boston lounging behind us reply “Getting better every day” whenever someone asked how she was doing. Hubby quickly adopted that line for the remainder of the trip.

Shoal Bay East between Uncle Ernie’s and Madeariman’s
…and more of Shoal Bay East
Some of the umbrellas for rent on the beach
Soft white sand, turquoise water and blue skies. Wonderful!

After a couple of hours of relaxation, the shopping bug started to bite. We were only yards away from Za Zaa’s – one of the most advertised shopping spots on the island. Za Zaa’s carries beachwear and resortwear along with jewelry, fancy beach sandals, a small collection of artwork and other little trinkets.

Za Zaa’s Boutique on Shoal Bay
I purchased these earrings for about $30 (US)
This sign outside of Za Zaa’s said it all.

We were famished by about one o’clock and made our way over to Uncle Ernie’s (established in 1984 according to the sign), a bargain bbq joint. A cheeseburger (pretty good) with fries, plate of grilled chicken (fair but made better with several dashes of bbq and hot sauces) with fries, two rum punches, a Ting soda and a Carib beer cost $34 plus tax. By the way, Ting is awesome!

Uncle Ernie’s
BBQ Chicken – made better with bbq and hot sauces
Yummy cheeseburger and fries
I liked the rum punch but I loved my first taste of Ting!

That rum punch (our second so far on the island) inspired our island-wide rum contest. We found contestant number three at the neighboring beach bar (Ku’s Moments on the Beach). The bartender blended three different rums plus grenadine and fruit juice for a delightful blend that left me a little tipsy. So far, it was a tie between Pumphouse and Ku.

Rum Punch at Ku’s Beach Bar (Moments on the Beach). This waitress was awesome!

Although the portions at Uncle Ernie’s were certainly enough for any standard lunch, we needed something more to counteract all that alcohol. A few doors over we found Madeariman’s, the restaurant we had enjoyed so much during our first trip to Shoal Bay in 2008. The place was packed and smelled so good. Shish kebabs, salads and fruity drinks were being served throughout the establishment, but almost every table had at least one pizza. Being a NY gal and a lover of really anything with bread and cheese, I made big plans for one of those pies. Unfortunately, they had sold out before we could place our order (so I guess there should be a suggestion to order pizza early if that’s what you have our heart set on). A little sad but undeterred, we instead ordered a grilled Mahi sandwich and a plate of fried calamari. We were not disappointed. The bill including one large bottle of water and one Carib beer totalled 44$.

Chickens roam freely throughout the island. This one roamed up and down the beach and restaurants.
Menu at Madeariman’s
Their bar
Mahi sandwich. Good stuff!
The calamari was well seasoned and fried to a golden brown. Wish I had some now.

Satiated, we returned to our beach chairs and enjoyed the laid back, playful atmosphere until about 4:30 when most people started to leave.

Dreamy skies
Despite all the people and activity, it still managed to feel serene.


We had every intention of heading to the Sandbar for tapas and drinks that night, but ended up relaxing in bed with turkey sandwiches, rum and comedies on CBS. We were really getting used to this relaxation thing.

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