Trekking in Anguilla: Day 4

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Day 4 (Tuesday) . Getting better every day.

By this point, we were getting into a rhythm. We woke up before eight, fixed a quick breakfast, scoured the map for the beach de jour, prayed to God for a safe ride and got on our happy way. The destination of the day was Mead’s Bay.

We hopped into our car and reached Mead’s Bay fifteen minutes later. Planning to walk the entire length of the beach, we parked at the Frangipani Resort. It’s only a short stroll from the Viceroy. Within seconds of taking in the tropical gardens that surrounded the resort and the breathtaking beach in the background, we vowed to return there for a romantic vacation in the future.

The Frangipani Resort
The pool beside the reception desk
Tropical shrubbery surrounds the resort
Is that the ocean calling?
Poolside loungers on the way to the beach

Our first steps on the beach were heavenly. The sand melted like butter underneath our feet and the ocean waves lapped at our ankles as we strolled along. A feeling of tranquility immediately washed over us.

The soft sand melted under our feet
The waves lapped at our ankles

We were blown away by this amazing home for sale. Could you imagine living here?

Our dream home in Anguilla

Our walk ended at Blanchard’s Beach Shack where we were happy to stumble upon a limited number of beach chairs ($3 each) and umbrellas available for rent. Serendipity!

Blanchard’s beach chairs – grab ’em before they’re gone

We purchased the pair of beach chairs on the end then settled in for a peaceful morning of music, reading and napping. I was happy to discover that many of the resorts provided free Wi-Fi access.

The view of Mead’s Bay from our loungers
…and another view from our loungers

For a pre-lunch snack, we headed over to Blanchard’s Beach Shack. The colorful menu listed lots of fun, beach appropriate foods – soft tacos with choice of fillings, several seafood options, their signature rice bowl, salads, hot dogs and burgers (more on those burgers later).

The path to a happy belly!
Mmmm. Smells good even from far away!
So many choices, so little time

We chose Mahi bites and a Mahi taco along with a frozen mojito (24$ total). The tortilla was homemade, the fish seasoned and grilled to perfection. A side sauce of chive and cilantro flavored sour cream was just the right touch. We could have easily ordered more but we had our sights set on a proper lunch down the beach.

Mahi bites and a mahi taco. Perfect beach food.

After another hour of lounging, we made our way to Straw Hat at the Frangipani.

The Straw Hat
On our way to more tasty treats!
Straw hats decorate the entryway and the ceiling fixtures

We were warmly greeted by the female owner and quickly seated by our waitress, Doris. If we had any reservations about leaving Blanchard’s Beach Shack, they were quickly dispelled by the quirky beachside ambience, welcoming staff and awesome food that would follow. We had come with the intention of ordering jerked pork and crayfish entrees from the online lunch menu. The pork was actually offered as a sandwich. There was no crayfish. Hubby easily chose the pancko and potato crusted fish and chips with a Carib beer. We asked Doris for a third recommendation and were confidently steered toward the conch chowder, a special of the day, and island passion punch.

After a reasonable wait, the chowder arrived. It was heavenly! Chunks of conch (and plenty of it) mixed in with carrots, potatoes and celery in a creamy broth with fresh pepper. Every spoonful was a treat.

This was the best conch ever. Hands down!

The remainder of the meal was just as delicious. Two medium-sized fish fillets were coated in pancko and potato crust before being fried to a golden brown. Hubby had a smile on his face after the first bite. The pork sandwich was excellent as well. Each mouthful started with a savory mango chutney, followed by the red tomato and crunchy lettuce and finally melted into the jerk infused pork. Both were served with a side of coleslaw and the best fries on the island ( I overheard someone at the next table saying that and I completely agreed). They were ribbons of lightly salted sunshine.

The fried fish put a smile on hubby’s face
Savory jerked pork sandwich and the best fries on the island!

We were completely satisfied when we finished, but I could not resist a look at the dessert menu. At Doris’ suggestion, I ordered the bread pudding. I can honestly say it was one of the best I have ever had – creamy bread with juicy raisins on a ribbon of caramel sauce and a scoop of French vanilla ice cream. Wow!

Creamy bread pudding ended the delicious lunch on a high note

We retired to our B&B for a late afternoon siesta then sat on our balcony with wine and snacks as we stared at the romantic night sky instead of going to the Dune Preserve as planned. It was a romantic and relaxing night on vacation. *sigh*

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