Trekking in Anguilla: Day 5

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Day 5 (Wednesday)

The first thing on our minds that morning was getting back to Mead’s Bay.

On our way there, we picked up egg and bagel sandwiches (mine with saltfish and peppers, his with chorizo sausage – both quite yummy and filling) and smoothies from Geraud’s Bakery.

Follow this sign to Geraud’s
You can either eat inside or outside while watching the cars drive by.
Their expansive offering of bagel sandwiches made it hard to choose just one.
The pastries were tempting

That day, Geraud’s was also raising donations for the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation. Being that we are avid animal lovers, we made sure to pick up this t-shirt to show our support.

AARF T-shirt

We arrived at the beach stuffed from breakfast. Mindful of our gluttony over the past several days, we started off with a brisk walk along Mead’s Bay. If exercise was always somewhere like this, I promise I would do it more faithfully.

We started the day with a brisk walk on the beach

We then settled in to “our spot” behind Blanchard’s. The sun shone brightly, the waves rolled and a tropical breeze blew. Smiles spread across our faces. We listened to music, sang songs, read and napped. It was great.

We settled back in to our spot behind Blanchard’s

Two hours later, Mango Eddy (hubby) got hungry. Though I was still stuffed from breakfast, I could not resist taking a bite of his cheeseburger with caramelized onions from the beach shack. Soooooo good!

The cheeseburger was so good, hubby allowed me only one bite before he devoured it

Then, we went back to relaxing while activities buzzed around us.

A yacht in the distance
This brave man gave water-skiing a try
And a couple enjoyed this high-adrenaline trip up and down the beach

After enjoying a long day at the beach, we wrestled over some lunch options. Unfortunately, we were forced to first make a stop at the Anguilla Vision Center to get an irritated eye evaluated. I have always been reluctant to utilize medical services on vacation, but was pleasantly surprised that the visit was exceptional. Dr. Bardfield was easy-going, informative and genuinely interested in patient care. The $40 exam was well worth the reassurance that I could enjoy the rest of our vacation without any worries.

To celebrate, we headed over to Da’Vida’s Bayside Grill on Crocus Bay for cocktails and a leisurely (albeit late) lunch. Their straightforward menu offers sandwiches, burgers, wraps, pasta, grilled fare and pizza. After some deliberation, we chose the Da’Vida supreme pizza, a glorious pie of grilled shrimp, succulent ham, peppers and pineapple. We enjoyed it so much, the patrons beside us asked what it was and ordered it too.

A panoramic shot of Crocus Bay and Da’Vida’s Bayside Grill
Our view of Crocus Bay from our seats at the grill. So serene!
A coconut tree making its way among the dining tables
Da’Vida’s Supreme Pizze certainly lives up to its name!

We lingered a little longer, bopping our heads while soft reggae music played in the background and enjoying the glorious setting. We felt so lucky to be on this beautiful island.

Not wanting to be far from familiar territory when darkness fell, we eventually pulled ourselves away from this seaside setting. But before leaving, I could not help but to peak into Da’Vida’s restaurant. Mental note – plan a romantic dinner here on our next trip.

Da’Vida’s looks like a great place for a romantic dinner
This is the view of the sun setting from Da’Vida’s Restaurant. Isn’t it gorgeous?

We headed back towards La Vue but agreed we weren’t read to settle in for the evening. Happy hour at Roy’s Bayside Grill was calling!

Welcome to Roy’s Bayside Grill
Rum punch and Carib beer at Roy’s
This super friendly kitty jumped on hubby’s lap then posed for a picture
The dining area at Roy’s

As the sun set, we walked the length of Sandy Ground’s beach.

Sun beginning to set over Sandy Ground
Pics as we made our way down the beach at Sandy Ground
More pics of Sandy Ground
Boats in the harbor at Sandy Ground

At the end of the beach sits the infamous Elvis’ Beach Bar. We stopped there for more rum punch (after all, there was a rum punch challenge going on!)

We stopped at the infamous Elvis’ Beach Bar for rum punch
Rum punch at Elvis’

The rum punches at both establishments were pretty good. It was a close call, but I would have to say I preferred Roy’s.

That night, our dinner location wasn’t hard to choose. Once Mango Eddy heard that Roy’s served fish and chips, there really was no need for further discussion.

Roy’s Fish and Chips
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