Trekking in Anguilla: Day 7

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Day 7 (Friday)

We woke up and battled with the dark cloud of depression that loomed over our heads. Vacations always ended that way for us. Fortunately the sunlight streaming from the edges of the curtain reminded us there were still precious moments to enjoy during our last full day in magical Anguilla.

We quickly dressed then left for breakfast before eight. We were eager to try the menu at Tasty’s, a brightly colored restaurant we passed by on our way to and from La Vue, but alas, it would not open until nine. We unanimously agreed to return to Jazzy’s instead. The loveable owner/chef welcomed us back like we were family and prepared a lavish meal for us. Ignoring the fact that we had reservations for a cooking class at 10:30, we ordered a huge meal of eggs over easy, banana pancakes, a jerk chicken wrap, a rum cocktail and bush mint tea. Everything was delicious.

Jerk chicken wrap and banana pancakes at Jazzy’s
Eggs and potatoes at Jazzy’s

Completely satiated, we headed over to the Cuisinart for some early recon before the class. Whereas Veya boasts modern amenities and caters to chic couples, Cuisinart is a luxurious and traditional resort that appeals to families as well as couples.

Our first glimpse of the Cuisinart Resort
A view of the pool
Cuisinart guests lounging at the pool.
Decorative pools on the way to the beach

Its beach, Rendezvous Bay, is absolutely amazing – a long and serene stretch of white sand looking out onto a captivating blue sea.

Cuisinart’s strip of beach at Rendezvous Bay
More of the beach at Rendezvous Bay.
Ships out in the distance.
A little boy among stunning architecture
Palm trees and lush foliage adorned the entire property
Palm trees against a clear blue sky.
Smaller palm trees had their place here too.
Prehistoric looking plants in the garden. Are these aloe?
Birds of Paradise
Ginger blooms
Don’t be fooled by its small size. The Blu Boutique carries an impressive array of resort wear, jewelry, handbags and sandals.

We finally made our way over to the culinary classroom. Class sizes are limited so that each student can have his/her own station and lots of personal attention from an instructor who bounces around the class supervising and assisting students with various stages of prep work. We, along with six other students, immersed ourselves in chopping the ingredients for our Caribbean lunch of pumpkin soup, sautéed snapper with local vegetables and pumpkin cake. Over the course of three hours, we gained creative advice in preparing Caribbean food, strolled through the resort’s inventive and inspiring hydroponic garden and were served our flavorful lunch. As we devoured our meal, we exchanged lots of helpful hints about vacationing in Anguilla and other Caribbean islands.

Fresh local vegetables were used to create a savory meal.
Students were invited to gather around the stove top while the chef demonstrated how to prepare local dishes.
Whisking eggs for pumpkin cake
We were led on a tour of the hydroponic gardens while our meal cooked.
Succulent peppers
Young sprouts will quickly grow into massive vines
The open-air restaurant where we were served our lunch.
Intricately designed metal artwork from Haiti adorned the walls.
The fruits of our labor – sautéed snapper with stewed vegetables and polenta.
Pumpkin cake with rum raisin ice cream finished of the delicious meal.

After leaving the Cuisinart we found ourselves longing for one last trip to Mead’s bay. Within minutes we were settled into our familiar loungers at Blanchard’s. We savored the island breeze and were lulled into tranquility by the ocean waves. As we waited to watch the sunset, we daydreamed about our week on the island and speculated on when we could return again.

One last jaunt to Mead’s Bay
We watched in awe as the sun made a slow and glorious descent over the horizon.
Golden sunset
Enjoying a quick swim before the sun has set.
The sun finished its descent in a blaze of glory.
And then it was gone.

We walked back to our car mesmerized by the brilliant display of nature we had just witnessed.

To celebrate our last night on the island, we shared tapas and cocktails at the Sandbar, a funky open air restaurant in Sandy Ground.

Cocktails at the Sandbar
Tapas at the Sandbar

Later, we sat on our balcony and reflected on the past several hours, realizing that we had sampled the best of what Anguilla had to offer in one unforgettable day – sun, sand, sea, cuisine, friendly people, nature, (a little bit of) shopping and (most importantly) tranquility. Wonderful!

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