Trekking In St Thomas With Rum Shop Ryan

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Last weekend, we took a spontaneous trek down to St. Thomas to attend Rum Shop Ryan’s 2nd Annual Castaway Winter Beach Bash. It was the perfect opportunity for us to connect with other Caribbean bloggers, share our island experiences and, of course, drink plenty of rum! This awesome gathering took place at Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, a family owned resort on (where else?) Bolongo Bay. I would be remiss if I did not mention Bolongo Bay’s management and staff! They demonstrated that they really know how to make guests feel welcome and exceeded our expectations during our stay. This was our first time meeting Rum Shop Ryan and the Castaways including Big Kahuna from so we had no idea of what to expect. But hey, we are Caribbean Soul Trekkers and we were ready for anything! As it turns out we had such a wonderful time we will be posting about it for a few days because one post about this event would not do it justice. I am sure Rum Shop Ryan would agree! Stay tuned for upcoming posts!

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