WTF Happened To the Sun?!

 In Our Travel Experience

When we arrived back in D.C. last Sunday from St. Thomas, the weather was so dreary. It was rainy and misty and I jokingly told my wife that we took the wrong flight and ended up in Gotham City. Now it is Friday and we still have not seen the sun! It has been overcast with on and off rain and even light snow since we returned from the Caribbean and I am in a deep blue funk!

Yes, I drank the rum, looked at the beautiful pics/video and even wrote a few posts related to our recent trip to St. Thomas but man I need to see some sun! As a last resort, I am going to pump up my special reggae playlist and attempt my rendition of a sun dance. Yep, it has gotten to that point…So if any of you have been enduring your own Gotham City gloom and the sun comes out, you have me to thank because I’m about to perform my sun dance at 5 am this morning!

***UPDATE*** It worked! Sun is shining in D.C. But the temp won’t get past the mid 30’s….At least I got sun.



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  • BigKahuna

    I feel ya! I woke up to -8 on Monday and -18 on Tuesday.
    Need to strike oil so we can stay south!

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