5 Romantic Places to Visit in St. Lucia

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It’s Valentine’s Day and we can’t help but reminisce on our last visit to St. Lucia, an island often called one of the most romantic places on earth. Join us as we travel back in time to share FIVE of our picks for its most romantic places and romantic things to do there.

1. Ladera Resort for Food and Drinks with a Romantic Piton View

One of St. Lucia’s most romantic views can be enjoyed from Dasheene Restaurant at Ladera Resort

Do food and drinks with THIS VIEW sound like a recipe for romance to you?

No trip to St. Lucia is complete without taking a moment to admire its most famous landmark, the Pitons.

And while there were many spots from which to admire them, one of our favorites was the outdoor terrace at Ladera Resort’s Dasheene Restaurant.

There, the majestic, twin peaks rose from the sea and framed a scene of shimmering water, dapling sunshine and lush foliage stolen straight from paradise.

Ladera Resort is the only resort with this enviable position on the UNESCO World Heritage Site – overlooking both the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea.

On our two visits there (twice because we loved it that much) we sampled from the bar menu with cocktails, saltfish fritters and their Traditional rotis.

Only two words are needed to sum up our experience – pure bliss.

2. Sulfur Springs Drive-In Volcano and Mudbaths for a Unique Spa-Like Experience Outdoors

The remnant of a volcano last active 200 years ago, Sulfur Springs is a geothermal wonder that rightfully made its way to the top of our St. Lucia travel itinerary on a past trip there.

One part of the experience was the volcano itself – appearing like a patch of moonrock studded with craters and smoky pockets of bubbling mud.

The other part of this attraction was the mud baths. Once we got past the smell of rotten eggs, we really got into the fun of slathering ourselves in mineral-rich mud, getting creative with the addition of handprints and designs then going for a long soak in one of several, warm bathing pools.

Like any good spa experience, St. Lucia’s Sulfur Springs left us feeling pampered, rejuvenated and happy to have shared another amazing experience with the one we love.

St. Lucia’s Sulfur Springs is the world’s only drive-in volcano

3. Rabot Hotel Chocolat for St. Lucia’s Sweetest Happy Hour

The lush surroundings at Rabot Hotel Chocolat
Chocolate-themed cocktails at Rabot Hotel Chocolat

Isn’t happy hour sweeter with chocolate? It certainly is at this St. Lucian property.

Previously known as Hotel Chocolat Boucan, Rabot Hotel Chocolat is set on the grounds of the Rabot Estate in Soufriere, and offers an amazing make your own chocolate bar experience that we remember like it was yesterday.

Our first order of business was a stop at the hotel’s outdoor bar to choose from one of a dozen or so chocolate-based cocktails. Cacao bellinis and chocolate martinis? Yes, please!

From there, we were whisked off to an outdoor kitchen and put to work grinding our own beans by mortar and pestle, then  grinding in the additional ingredients of cocoa butter and sugar.

It was grueling work but time flew by as great stories of chocolate’s history throughout the world were spun.

Rabot Hotel Chocolat also offers a tour of their chocolate farm, a chance to plant your own chocolate tree, an on-site restaurant with a chocolate themed menu and a spa with the same.

All this in a setting close enough to reach out and touch Petit Piton made Rabot Hotel Chocolat one of our favorite stops for romance and fun.

4. Fond Doux Plantation and Resort for a Tour of a Modern-Day Garden of Eden

Fond Doux Resort and Plantation is bursting with a bounty of fresh fruit
A guided tour includes opportunities to sample fresh, Caribbean fruit plucked straight from the tree.

Fond Doux Plantation and Resort is a 135-acre sanctuary located in St. Lucia’s UNESCO World Heritage site of Soufriere.

Part rainforest, part tropical garden and part cocoa plantation, it was a true oasis of nature, history and sweet indulgence and a favorite romantic stop on our St. Lucian holiday.

We explored it by guided tour, learning all about local plants, wildlife and St. Lucian history and architecture.

Along the way, we enjoyed the aroma of fresh cocoa beans and feasted on fresh coconut, golden apple and grapefruit plucked straight from the trees. Their flavors were sinfully delicious!

Afterwards we feasted on a buffet of traditional Caribbean dishes and rum punch.

Fond Doux Estate is 100% St. Lucian owned, managed and staffed – all the more reason for us to love it as much as we did.

5. Diamond and Toraille Waterfalls for the Gratification of Chasing Waterfalls

Mineral-rich Diamond Waterfalls are worth a visit for a romantic escape

While St. Lucia has a number of romantic waterfalls to explore, two that we recommend are Diamond Botanical and Toraille.

Both are located on the outskirts of Soufriere, the former capital city, and both are relatively easy to reach.

Toraille Waterfall was the larger of the two, complete with a large wading pool for visitors to stand beneath the falls for a sultry pose or a water-powered massage.

Diamond Falls was no less impressive with its kaleidoscope of colors supplied by minerals from the sulfur springs below. The visit there was through a gorgeous botanical garden well worth some time for exploration.

St. Lucia certainly stood up to its reputation for romance. To hear more about it, including more of our favorite spots and travel tips, check out two of our previous blog posts, Trekking St. Lucia: Travel Tips – Caribbean Soul Trekkers (caribsoultrek.com) and Trekking St. Lucia: Five Best Things to Do and See – Caribbean Soul Trekkers (caribsoultrek.com)

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