Fresh Scents and Feathered Friends: Two SXM Attractions that Capture the Essence of Spring

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While we wait for Spring to get into full swing in our area, we turn our sights to Sint Maarten/Saint Martin and reminisce over two unique attractions that gave us all the vibes of the season.

1. Tijon Parfumerie

Let’s face it – nothing says Spring like the fresh scent of flowers in bloom. And what better way to capture their essence than by heading to Tijon, a French-Caribbean boutique parfumerie where you can handcraft a custom fragrance of your own?

Our perfume-making experience at Tijon began with time in the showroom to draw inspiration from pre-mixed fragrances and was followed by an informative tutorial that covered the art of selecting and layering scents. From there we had time to marvel at the choice of over 300 essential oils on display before settling into our work stations to develop and sample three custom scents – one of which we would choose as our final product.

Though the possibilities were endless, hands on support from John and his staff ensured that we would create personalized fragrances that were as unique as the Caribbean Soul Trekkers brand. We celebrated our new and professionally bottled scents, Beach Bliss and Caribbean Dream, in true French style with a champagne toast. Ooh la la!

What to know: Tijon is located in Grand Case on the French side of the island. Class offerings range from 20 minutes,  90+ minutes and 2+ hours – the latter two including a VIP gift bag of products valued at 45 euros.

Appointments are required. Email to make arrangements.

Website: Tijon Parfumerie

2. Parrot Ville Bird Park

If you’re like us and think of birds as the de facto ambassadors of Spring, then you could call Parrot Ville Bird Park a huge Spring time welcome party in Sint Maarten.

This hidden gem is set in a large, enclosed space filled with bright green trees and shrubs that are both shelter and landing pads for tons of playful and vibrant birds.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by owner George who delighted us with stories of the bird park’s history and interesting facts about its feathered inhabitants, hailing from all parts of the world.

From there, we were given a cup of birdseed and set free to roam the park. It took no time at all for a group of curious and chatty Sun Conjures (native to South America) to drop by for a snack and to check out our hats and jewelry. For nature lovers like us this close encounter was a dream come true!

The park contains plenty of healing herbs and beautiful vegetation as well as a museum of interesting family heirlooms curated by the owner. He is happy to give you a personal tour and share the personal history behind the collection. It’s actually quite moving.

What to know: Parrot Ville Bird Park is located in the Belvedere district on Bishop Hill Road. We reached it by taxi.

Cost is $5 for children and $10 for adults (and worth every penny).

Set aside at least one hour (though I’m sure we were there for almost three).

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