Rum Festival and Nassau, Bahamas: Day 2 – Trek Stops at Via Restaurant and Atlantis

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Via Restaurant Wndowfront

We started our second day in Nassau at the popular Via Restaurant located at Parliament Street and Woodes Roger Walk.

Via Restaurant interior

Smartly dressed, local businessmen and women were seated at the bar enjoying leisurely breakfasts and coffee before heading off to work. They fit in perfectly with the airy, modern décor of this sunny establishment.

Via's Famous Banana French ToastVia Restaurant's Steak and Egg Wrap

There was no need for us to read the menu before placing our breakfast order; we had been dreaming of the restaurant’s most popular breakfast dishes – Banana French Toast and the Steak and Egg Wrap – for weeks. The French toast was made from thick slices of chewy baguette dipped in pina colada batter then topped in a gooey cinnamon sauce. The wrap was stuffed with a dense filling of scrambled egg and sausage before being browned in a sandwich press. We finished these off with a smooth cup of Illy brand coffee and ice-cold Kalik beers. What a perfect way to start the day!

Mango Eddie celebrating with Junkanoo drum player

Once we left Via, we couldn’t resist taking a quick detour to jam with this Junkanoo carnival dude before catching the ferry to Paradise Island.

Nassau, Atlantis towers

After a short ferry ride, we reached Atlantis in all its glory! Access to the shops and casino are free. But, there are various tiers of admission fees if you want to enjoy the splendor of the resort’s beaches, beach bars, water activities and aquariums. We opted for the  Discover Atlantis Self-Guided Tour since we only planned to stay for half a day.

One at Atlatnis' beaches

Mango Eddie in Atlantis' Underground Dig

The Discover Atlantis Self-Guided Tour provides access to the Underground Dig where guests wander through a staged archaeological site. Pretty cool!

The underwater diver's suit at Atlantis

Mango Eddie admiring the fish at Atlantis Bahamas

Along the way, huge aquariums showcased exotic fish of all shapes and sizes.

Snorklers braving the shark aquarium at Atlantis

And people too!

Shark at Atlantis

We had several shark sightings!

Stingray at Atlantis

Beautiful fish at Atlantis BahamasBeautiful fish at Atlantis Bahamas


Irridescent jellyfish at Atlants Bahamas

We really loved the bad-ass jellyfish tank…

Eels on display at Atlantis Bahamas

and were left wondering whether or not these golden eels were real or not (they were real).

Stingray feeding at Atlantis Bahamas

We emerged back into the sunlight just in time to catch this stingray feeding.

The family beach at Atlantis

We took it all in before…

Guests enjoying the pool at Atlantis

Bahama Mama at Atlantis

enjoying a refreshing Bahama Mama, Atlantis-style. We shut it down, wrapped it up and headed back to Nassau to meet friends at Café Matisse for dinner. Stay tuned for our review of that restaurant!

Caribbean Soul Trekkers has concluded that Atlantis is definitely worth another trek. The Cove beckons!

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