Rum Shop Ryan Releases an Awesome Caribbean Drink Recipe Book

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One of the things we love most about trekking the Caribbean islands is the unique drinks we get to experience.  Our friend and fellow Caribbean travel writer Rum Shop Ryan just released a drink recipe book titled “Castaway Cocktails we think you will love!  Filled with one drink for each day of the week and drawn from a variety of colorful islands, it is sure to inspire Caribbean happy hours right at home – just add your favorite island playlist and let the drinks flow!  We have spent a lot of time in the Caribbean with Rum Shop Ryan at rum festivals, sailing trips, and various island treks. It is no surprise he would come up with such a great idea to share with all of us Caribbean loving Castaways.


We recently got our copy of the new Castaway Cocktails book and had a chance to chat with Ryan about his most recent endeavor.

Check out our exclusive interview with the Caribbean Castaway himself, Rum Shop Ryan:

What was you inspiration for the Caribbean drink recipe book?
The islands and sharing them with people is always my inspiration. The feeling is of sitting on a beach with a cold rum drink in hand while you gaze out over the blue sea is extremely addictive. I became addicted back in 2007 and that addiction lead to the creation of I want everyone to experience that feeling and a tropical glass of paradise is a great way to instantly connect one self to an island memory. That was the reason I wanted to create a Caribbean drink recipe book.
What is your favorite drink recipe from the book and what is Castaway Crystal’s favorite?
For me, that’s almost like choosing a favorite child! Well, there are few that stand out for different reasons. I’d have to say the Painkiller because of the memories connected to it. My first Painkiller was enjoyed on a day charter aboard a catamaran as we cruised the north shore of St. John in the USVI. It might have been one of the best days of my life and the moment I became addicted to the Caribbean vibe.
I’m also a sucker for anything with mango and bananas as well. So the Bruised Banana and the Mango Madness would have to be near the top of my favorites list as well. But then there’s the Killer Bee from Nevis too…ahhhhh, there’s just too many!
Castaway Crystal likes to keep it fruity, she said her favorite drink is the Peach Mango Rum Splash. It’s a fruitiful explosion of tropical flavors that will have you dreaming of palm trees and sandy toes.
Of all the recipes you’ve collected, which one has the funniest or most unique story associated with it?
Good question! The Painkiller as I mentioned earlier obviously has a good story, but I’d say the Sandy Toe and the Taste of Cayman are noteworthy. The Taste of Cayman was created by Gabor, a young bartender on Grand Cayman. He loves to source his drink ingredients from all local island sources and he experiments with infusing his spirits. For the Taste of Cayman he infused the local Gun Bay vodka with local Scotch Bonnet peppers. So the drink is very unique and spicy which I love.
The Sandy Toe has a great story because I got to enjoy them with you, the Caribbean Soul Trekkers on Rose Island in the Bahamas! You guys are so much fun and our time at Sandy Toes Beach Bar on Rose Island was a blast. I raise a Sandy Toe drink in your honor!
Trick question: Are there any drinks in particular you recommend for Mango Eddie?
Ha! Oh, there’s definitely a few I would recommend for Mr. Mango Eddie, Mr. 151 just for fun. I would recommend the Bitter End Buddy, The Potcake, and the Crazy Parrot to Mango Eddie. All are made with delicious over-proof rum which I believe he is a big fan of. Cheers to Gettin’ it in!
We are excited about a lot of the recipes in this book and are excited to begin mixing up cocktails in honor of the beautiful Caribbean Islands.  Be sure to share your favorite Castaway Cocktails with us as well.  Cheers!!!






Caribbean Soul Trekkers & Caribbean Castaways From Left: Mango Eddie, Castaway Crystal, Rum Shop Ryan, Naya Blue hainvg a great time at Sandy Toes on Rose Island Bahamas.

Things are just better with rum & friends!

Castaway Cocktails

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