The Beach is Calling – Will You Answer?

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The constant calls – sometimes three to four times a day – are gut- wrenching. There’s no need to check the caller ID. I know who it is. I just refuse to answer.

The calls occur more frequently when it snows here in Washington D.C. and/or the temperature drops below 30 degrees.

There are no Federal Communication Commission regulations in place and no way to request to be placed on a “Do Not Call List”. And the most horrible thing…no time restrictions. I can remember so many nights being awakened from a deep sleep because the Beach was calling.

Occasionally I get the courage to pick up when the Beach calls. That’s when I go hard. I tell it that I have responsibilities here at home. I have to work. I have limited vacation days. My friends are having a social mixer and I’ve already RSVP’d to it. I need to get house repairs done…

The Beach pauses as if it understands my plight. Finally, I can rejoice – the Beach will stop calling me! It understands I need to go when the time is right for me. I can’t just drop everything and go on a whim.

Unfortunately my happiness is short-lived. The Beach abruptly places me on hold before transferring the call to the Hammock and his buddy, Rum Punch. They seduce me with words like “beach bliss”, “stress relief”, “indulgence”, “sunsets”, “powdery sand”, “beach bars”, “warm water”, and the most alluring “peace”…Ironically, it’s that last word that packs the biggest punch.

I hang up immediately then sit in silence for a few moments and try to pull myself together.

My next move should come as no surprise. I do what any self-respecting beach bliss seeker would do…I log onto my laptop, book a Caribbean trip then pour out a glass of my favorite 12yr Rum. I take a sip and I smile…The Beach called and I answered!

FYI – The beach has your number too. When the Beach calls, will you answer???

I answered!
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