Trek Stop: Eduardo’s Beach Shack for Aruba’s Best (and Healthiest) Smoothies

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Eduardo's serves the best  smoothies in Aruba!

Eduardo’s serves the best smoothies in Aruba!

All smoothies are not created equal. Smoothies from Eduardo’s Beach Shack on Aruba’s famous Palm Beach are a prime example. For several reasons, these smoothies are a cut above the rest. First, they are created from imaginative combinations of the freshest fruit. Just the sound of Eduardo’s perfect blends – Purple Rain, Mango Madness and Strawberry Kiss, for example – makes my mouth water. Second, their fruity ingredients are of the highest quality. No freeze dried processed fruit here. Only the freshest and most flavorful tropical fruits make it into Eduardo’s made-to-order creations. Third, Eduardo’s offers the largest assortment of fruit-enhancing ingredients in Aruba. These include proteins, kale, mint, spinach and wheatgrass. These are standard ingredients in several of his smoothies but could also be requested in create-your-own blends. Finally, Eduardo and his wife are just as bright and cheery as the Aruban sun. They effortlessly strike up conversation while preparing your treat. These proud owners make the experience even more delightful, guaranteeing that you will walk away with a smile and come back for more.

Eduardo was gracious enough to chat with the Caribbean Soul Trekkers while whipping up smoothies at his thriving business.

How long have you lived in Aruba?
I was born and raised here. I left the island for a bit but am glad to be back now.

What was it about Aruba that made you eager to return?
The people, the music, the beaches, the sun and the breeze.

When did you open this awesome beach shack?
Two years ago.

What are your most popular smoothies?
Purple Rain, Mango Madness and Strawberry Kiss.

Many of your smoothies contain green vegetables. What makes the inclusion of greens so important?
Quite simply, they are an easy and tastier way to get your serving of vegetables.

Right now, you’re the only smoothie company in Aruba offering wheatgrass. What makes wheatgrass different than the other vegetables you include in your smoothies?
I began shipping in fresh wheatgrass from Miami in February (2013). One shot of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5 pounds of vegetables. Many people don’t know about all the health benefits of wheatgrass. It contains many minerals and all of the vitamins a human needs. This is mainly because of the chlorophyll. It helps the body in so many ways: by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, unclumping oxygen carrying red blood cells and improving mental clarity.

Why are you so convinced about the benefits of wheatgrass?
Because customers have told me – their hair and nails grow better and their thinking becomes so much clearer.


Amazing wheatgrass supplement makes Eduardo's smoothies a cut above the rest.

Fresh wheatgrass takes Eduardo’s smoothies to another level.

Bursting with the flavors of high quality fresh fruits, Eduardo’s smoothies are a refreshing way to kick start the day, cool off from an afternoon in the sweltering heat or satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you realize your vacation meals have been heavy on french fries but light on veggies, it’s super easy to include a serving or two in the form of several vegetable add-ons. When blended with mangos, strawberries, kiwi and chocolate, veggies aren’t so hard to swallow and can deliver a boost of energy to carry you through several more hours of beach activity.

Eduardo’s Beach Shack is located behind the Playa Linda Resort on Palm Beach. In addition to smoothies, fresh fruit, yogurt, bottled beverages and wheatgrass shots can be purchased there.


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