Trek Stop: Michele's Jerk Out for Some of the Best Island Food on Grand Bahama

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Let me share a little secret with you – when I dream about the islands, I don’t dream about the beaches. That’s Mango Eddie’s thing. No, I dream about the food – the kind that my Haitian father still raves about. Fresh from the ocean seafood – perfectly seasoned and fried to a golden crisp – rice and beans, and, of course, a side of sweet plantains. And if this food is offered at a quaint little spot beside the ocean, so much the better. So, when I tasted my first bite from Michele’s Jerk Out beside the Island Seas Resort, I gazed up to Heaven, shed a little tear of joy, then snapped photos to make Dad envious.

Michele’s Jerk Out serves island favorites like roasted chicken, jerk chicken, stewed oxtail, grilled lobster tails and fried fish with a side of veggies (loved the cabbage), perfectly seasoned rice and beans and a side of golden-fried, sweet plantains. All meals are made to order, so come when you are hungry, but not starving (though if you are, sip on a freshly cut coconut while you wait). Prices are very reasonable especially given that portions are large and the seafood is fresh. A duo of succulent lobster tails, for example, was a mere $15. And though you might expect such delicious food to come from an elegantly appointed restaurant, appreciate the beach setting; food this fresh is best enjoyed from a table in the sand while staring onto the blue ocean and sipping said coconut or a cold beer.

Landmark for Michele's Jerk Out

This is your landmark for Michele’s Jerk Out from the main road.

Michele's Jerk Out Sign

And this is our landmark if you are coming from the Island Seas Resort.

Michele at work in her kitchen

Either way, you will soon be introduced to this phenomenal chef who cooks from her heart.

Michele is a humble and hospitable woman who cooks a mean meal. She was gracious enough to share her story while preparing some of the best food we have ever eaten in the islands.

Where did you learn to cook such amazing food?

I’m originally from Jamaica and my mother taught me everything about cooking.

How has your business evolved over the years?

I came to the Bahamas 13 years ago. My first cooking venue was on Queen’s Highway but about a year and a half ago, unreasonable rent forced me to move to this part of Williamstown. The stand was first a tent but later grew into this wooden structure to better withstand the weather and allow me to create more efficient meals.

How would you describe your cuisine?

I call this a simple kitchen with big taste. I cook how I would want someone to cook for me…just like how I would want to be pleased [by food] when I go out… In addition to beef and chicken, I serve fresh seafood caught by my husband every other day…Everything I serve here is fresh and made to order.

How can foodies find you?

I am open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11AM to 7PM. I am located next to the Island Seas Resort. From the main road, just look for the sign for William’s Town Beach. I’m right behind it.

Succulent Lobster from Michele's Jerk OutFall off the bone chicken from Michele's Jerk OutHere are just three of the meals we enjoyed from Michele’s Jerk Out – grilled lobster tails, roasted chicken and fried snapper. Hands down, these were the best dishes we ate on the island – good enough for three return visits during our one week stay on Grand Bahama.

Fried Snapper from Michele's Jerk Out

Be sure to try Michele’s Jerk Out for some of the best food on Grand Bahama Island. Our only regret is not having enough time to try the cracked conch. But, there’s always a next time.

-Passionfruit Sista

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  • sharon

    I totally agree with this article…we were here recently and enjoyed food from location

    • Passionfruit Sista

      Isn’t her food wonderful? And even better because she is such a sweet person. What dishes did you try?

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