Trek Stop: One Love Bar and Grill in Jost Van Dyke – Feel the Love!

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White Bay Jost van Dyke

Though I’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day in the frigid northeast, I’ll be dreaming of a romantic holiday in the Caribbean. In my reverie, Mango Eddie and I will be strolling hand in hand down a soft, white sand beach bordered by twinkling turquoise water and palm trees swaying in the breeze. All around us, other happy travelers will be frolicking in the water, in the sand and in a string of rustic beach bars serving up an endless supply of Pain Killers and Bushwackers. After sampling a few of those, we will find ourselves at a beach bar that really knows how to show its guests love.

Enjoying One Love Bar and Grill, Jost van Dyke BVI

The One Love Bar and Grill isn’t your typical romantic venue but it most certainly is the perfect place to feel some genuine Caribbean love. A simple, no-frills shack on the far end of Jost Van Dyke’s popular White Bay, it generously rewards guests with a million-dollar view of picture-perfect Caribbean waters.

But the gifts don’t stop there. Its owners, descendants of JVD royalty (Seddy is the oldest son of THE Foxy) dish out loads of love, laughter and warm welcomes to their patrons while mixing up their famous Bushwackers. In fact, they know many by name (but maybe that’s not so hard to do when these very patrons are encouraged to leave behind signed t-shirts to add to the hundreds already proudly displayed from the rafters).

And there’s more. Each Saturday, guests are showered with the sweet sounds of local crooner Ruben Chinnery and his twelve string guitar. On Sundays, the music continues with reggae singer Ras Rio.

Exterior of One Love Bar and Grill

Live music at One Love Bar and Grill, BVI

The menu at The One Love Bar and Grill is simple. These Caribbean staples are meant to be enjoyed fresh from the sea and hot off the grill. A variety of kebabs, the catch of the day, and lobster on the half shell are some examples but if you really want to enjoy some special Caribbean comfort food that touches your soul, be sure to order the highly sought after lobster quesadilla (order early because these are sure to sell out quickly).

Better yet, pray you are there when Seddy is feeling particularly generous and serving his gratis “bar snacks” – an overflowing platter of succulent crabs and lobsters plucked straight from the sea.

One Love Bar and Grill's infamous lobster quesadilla

Seddy's Bar Snacks

Whether you are there with that special someone or chillin’ with your buddies, you can’t deny the love at The One Love Bar and Grill. A perfect Caribbean view, simple and unpretentious Caribbean treats, authentic tunes and warm, welcoming staff all represent the things we love most about the Caribbean.

Mango Eddie and Seddy

The view of White Bay, Jost van Dyke, BVI

One Love Bar and Grill is located on the West End of Jost Van Dyke’s White Bay

From St. Thomas, it can be reached by ferry and water taxi.


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