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The Sunset Grille at the Radisson Aruba Resort has undergone a recent renovation worthy of your attention. Why not make it a brunch destination on a Sunday?
The venue has emerged as an airy, light-flooded space decorated in comfy, modern, elegant decor. Its staff, directed by Chef Chino, are friendly, attentive and relatively unobtrusive (unless you need them to be). And, Chef Chino goes above and beyond to personally ensure your dining experience is superlative. In addition to overseeing the whole production, he regularly emerged from the kitchen and chatted with patrons at their tables, gave a magic show to a birthday party and sang a song with the live entertainment. His presence made us feel like welcome guests in his spacious dining room.
But lest you worry that this place is just about the venue and its staff, let me assure you that the food alone makes brunch here worthwhile. I usually skip over salad to make way for more substantial brunch dishes but couldn’t resist a sampling of the colorful and crisp components set on a towering display. The same applied to the neighboring tiers of pasta salads. In fact, I found that I couldn’t resist tasting a little bit of everything from each buffet table. I boldly made several trips through the dining space, my plate piled high with entrees like juicy Thanksgiving turkey with dressing, golden flounder in a creamy dill sauce, savory beef tips marinated in a mushroom wine sauce as well as breakfast standards like fluffy pancakes, thick cut raisin bread French toast and fresh fruits. I finished with an embarrassment of treats from the dessert smorgasbord. Throughout the meal, we sipped on (unlimited) champagne and mimosas. Overall, we found this to be a very satisfying brunch experience.
Brunch at Radisson Aruba’s Sunset Grille is the perfect combination of classy atmosphere, delicious food, welcoming staff and spontaneous fun. If you are in search of a place suited for a romantic date, a special celebration or simply a nice brunch to start off your week in Aruba, make sure to stop by.

Salad Bar Sunset Grille BrunchPasta Salad Bar Sunset Grille Brunch









Desert Display Sunset Grille BrunchDesert Plate Sunset Grille Brunch









Chef Chino and Mango Eddie

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